On behalf of all the Dubai School - Mirdif, staff I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our unique school and what we have to offer. Our American curriculum school strives to enrich the educational lives of our students emphasizing local culture and values and developing curiosity and academic growth.

As an American curriculum school, we follow the internationally benchmarked New York State Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and student attainment, and our progress is mapped against these standards throughout the student learning journey - from Kindergarten through completion of High School.

This learning journey is shared as our students progress and develop, so parents become key partners with us along the way. This ensures that our students are supported by the school and the home and will be prepared to transition successfully to university; whether local or overseas.

Mirdif Principal

We believe in an approach that instills the love of learning - where students can thrive and achieve their very best as independent, agentic learners. Each and every child is unique and our program offers extensive opportunities for students to develop strengths in a range of areas. Daily, we are committed to a child-centered approach to education, taking actions based on each child’s differentiated and learning needs. Our students will become critical thinkers able to analyze, reason, and reflect, giving them the skills needed to progress and to be successful in any area. Because English is an additional language for many of our students, building a solid foundation in both the Arabic mother tongue and English languages is key. In turn, this supports Arabic language and Islamic religion development while ensuring success with the American curricular program.

Our rigorous assessment processes assist us in supporting students to make progress towards their attainment targets because we start where the student is and develop from there. With support mechanisms in place across both the Arabic and American curricular program progress and achievement are assured so that students develop proficiency across all of the Ministry of Education subjects.

Our teachers are hired both internationally and locally to ensure staff are of the highest standard, with the right blend of enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience in the region, to help our students achieve their potential. We provide an engaging learning environment where teachers can facilitate a holistic approach to learning. This provides students with a wide range of opportunities - both in and out of the classroom - thereby promoting their social, emotional, and academic development. This style of teaching is underpinned by respect and appreciation of the core cultural values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion.

Furthermore, we offer an extensive array of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) that infuse student leadership, critical thinking, social awareness, and creativity and innovation into our learning journey. We guide students to develop and grow into morally upright and respectful citizens who embrace UAE culture and values while embracing an inclusive and a strong global perspective. Developing leadership qualities results in students having a significant impact on our DSM school community, the UAE, and the world. Such encouragement builds a collective understanding of each person’s social responsibilities towards a shared world.

Strong communication with each member of our school community allows all the comfort of expressing thoughts and ideas that build a vibrant school community.

We are committed to hearing from parents about how their child’s school experiences and how we can collaborate in support of our long term planning and future development. We encourage parent participation in the classroom and on school trips, as well as on our Parent Council, thus enabling us to foster a mutual commitment to our Mission and beliefs.

We welcome your feedback and invite you to share with us the joy of learning at DSM!

I look forward to building a strong rapport with all in the DSM school community.

Warm regards,
Mr. Dave Botbyl